[Stephen's Profile Pic]

Yes, I am that Stephen Mitchell.

The Solo-Entrepreneur

[Mow & Wash Logo] I am a professional window washer, I mow lawns, and I sell honey.

The Artist

[Redbubble T Shirts Logo] I have designed & created my own range of tshirts and apparel.

The Photographer

[Redbubble Photography Logo] My artwork is now on exhibition, available online, and in a book.

The Designer

[ezCREATE Information Icon] I like to create logos, design websites, and keep lists of WWW information.

I Engage:

[Twitter Logo] I chat with friends, family, and clients upon many social networks. Find me.

I Write:

[Wordpress Logo for BeingOnline] I write four blogs about my kids, U2 collection, online life, and radio show.

I Enjoy:

[My DJ Logo for 5KIxFM Radio] I love being a volunteer radio presenter, and producing Youtube videos.