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Radio Management

The Committee of Management (CoM) is made up of 5KIxFM presenters, volunteers and supporters. The committee's role is to make decisions about the overall purpose and direction of 5KIxFM, to ensure that funds and property are properly managed, to ensure that 5KIxFM abides by its governing documents and to ensure that staff and volunteers best carry out 5KIxFM's services.

Current CoM (2019-2022)

Chairperson: Jeremy Hassan

Vice Chairperson: ?

Secretary: Lee-Anne Helyar

Treasurer: Lemonia Boers, assisted by Lee-Anne Helyar

Public Officer: Stephen Mitchell

Presenters Rep: Stephen Mitchell

Sub-Committee - Fund Raising: Iris Noyce

Sub-Committee - __ WIP

This committee is guided by the community in the area of community connections and support, youth development in areas of media and confidence, introducing more informative and topical shows and opportunities for new and existing presenters. Working closely with the school, arts, events and the community on a strong vision of bringing comfort and connectivity to many. We are always looking for more people with skills and positive foresight to contribute to this media music and art station.
~ Chairperson Lisa Collins

~ Extracted from TheIslander, 7 October 2019

[5KIxFM Logo] Normally the CoM is elected once a year, but in a concerned effort to ensure the station stays on its feet, the current CoM will be holding their positions for 3 years.