Stephen Mitchell

Visual Art Portfolio

Since 2001; Still Designing

I daily design and create graphics for many web sites, often with minimal payment.

This includes social media sites, photography / tshirt sale sites, plus many advert-graphics around the internet.

These are just a few of the many.

[Mow & Wash Logo] My Business: Mow&Wash

2019 \ Logo & Stickers

Created logo and graphics for my small business! Including payment symbols.

Family Business: LSBeez KI Honey

2016 \ Promotional Business Stickers

Created stickers to help fund my wife's business. Thanks to everyone that buys a few.

2021 \ Website Adverts

Updated design needed all new graphics:

Radio Station: [5KIxFM Station Logo] 5KIx FM90.7

2019- \ Logo & social media advertisements

  • Designed & created every single image for temp’ site!
  • Now producing adverts for presenter's shows.

My Radio Programs

2020- \ Logo & TShirts

  • Designed logos and graphics for my TWO radio programs.

[Redbubble TShirt Icon] My Redbubble Collection:

2012 \ Icon & Header Image

Moved from independent art-graphics-only store to improve sales. It did.

My Pixels Photo Gallery

2011 \ Header Image

Created to promote collection across internet. Also built to fit specific width for Wordpress.

[artiSTARTup Logo] My Represent TShirt Collection

2019- \ Logo & Site Headers

New tshirt store requiring high-resolution designs. Upbeat yet simple designs.

My Redbubble Pro-Tog TShirt Collection


Originally making personal-tshirts for professional TOGs on Redbubble.

[Baby on Board Pic] Baby on Board

2007 \ Bumper Sticker

Created & uploaded design based on family event. Still my most popular product!

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